Undergraduate Scholarships at HHP

The Department of Health and Human Performance has several annual scholarships available to students within our department.  All scholarships require a minimum 2.5 GPA and the completion of an application form.  Some scholarships have additional application requirements. 

In addition the department also gives awards for outstanding undergraduate students in the areas of Exercise Science, Nutrition, Fitness and sports (undergraduate) and Sports Administration (undergraduate). These students are nominated by faculty in their respective areas.

Application Deadline: 5pm, March 27, 2015

Application Process: for all scholarships, complete the Undergraduate Scholarship Application (doc) form and submit it along with your resume, transcripts and a one page personal statement at the HHP front desk in Rm 104 Garrison.

Mary Louise White Scholarship

The Mary Louise White Scholarship is available to full-time students pursing a degree of study in Health and Human Performance or studying Special Education with an emphasis on mental retardation. To apply for the scholarship, please fill out a Scholarship application and include all the required materials as listed below. Notification of awards will be sent by mail. Nominations should be presented annually by the Department of Health and Human Performance.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicant's academic performance (minimum GPA of 2.5).

  2. Applicant must be making satisfactory progress toward completion of their degree for which they are working.

  3. Progress and good standing must be maintained within the department and degree for which they are working.

  4. Applicant must have at least one full semester remaining at the time of application.

 The award is for approximately $2000.00.

Sport and Fitness Administration Scholarship

This scholarship is intended for students in the Department of Health and Human Performance’s Sport and Fitness Administration degree programs.  While primarily designed to support the educational efforts of graduate students, undergraduate students in the program are eligible to receive funding.  No specific background is required for this award, but students are expected to be in good academic standing, seeking a degree in Sports and Fitness Administration and intending on taking Sport and Fitness Administration courses at the University of Houston Sugar Land campus. Students must submit their academic transcripts, resume, and a 500 word essay outlining their career goals. The review process will be performed by the program’s faculty.

Application Deadline: 5pm, April 15, 2015

Application Process: Submit the SFA Scholarship Application (pdf) and supporting materials to the HHP front desk in Room 104, Garrison Gym.