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Application Process

Application Deadline:

MAT program

The MAT program only begins in summer semesters and all applications must be submitted by January 15th. All supporting material must be received by the department before February 15th. Check the FAQ for any questions related to the application.

Contact us for application related questions

Application and Candidate Selection Process:

  1. Completed University of Houston Graduate School application.

  2. Completed MAT Program Application

  3. Official GRE scores sent electronically to institution code 6870 – University of Houston, Main Campus

  4. Official transcripts from all prior institutions attended.

    • Major GPA of at least 3.0

    • A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.6 is required to be considered for graduate school at The University of Houston

  5. Current resume

  6. Statement of professional goals and interests

  7. Three academic/professional letters of recommendation

    • Your recommenders will be contacted automatically and asked to evaluate you through an online system. They should be encouraged to provide comments and/or upload a signed letter as well.

  8. Offsite video interview

  9. Phone interview with potential candidates.

  10. 50 hours of observation directly supervised by a certified and licensed Athletic Trainer

    • Must be documented and approved on this form

  11. Required Prerequisite courses (Minimum grade of 'C')

    • Anatomy and Physiology (8 credit hours)

      •  UH Course - BIOL 1334/1134 and 1344/1144

    • Biomechanics (3 credit hours)

      • UH Course - KIN 3309

    • Exercise Physiology (3 credit hours)

      • UH Course - KIN 3306

    • General Psychology (3 credit hours)

      • UH Course - PSYC 1300

    • Statistics (3 credit hours)

      • UH Course - MATH 2311

  12. Recommended prerequisite courses in addition to requirements (Minimum grade of “C”)

    • Functional Anatomy (3 credit hours)

      • UH Course - KIN 3304

    • Motor Learning (3 credit hours)

      • UH Course - KIN 4315

    • Introduction to Nutrition (3 credit hours)

      • UH Course - NUTR 2332

ALL supporting materials, with the exception of official transcripts, should be uploaded through the online application system.

Official transcripts should be submitted to: 

University of Houston
Graduate Admissions
P.O. Box 3947
Houston, Texas 77253-3947