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Whether you’re overwhelmed by college or excited about what’s ahead, life is better when your to-dos are organized and at your fingertips.

That’s why we’ve brought you Navigate Student, a mobile advisor that gets you from orientation to graduation.

Why Use Navigate

Navigate is a free mobile app that will help you thrive at the University of Houston. With customized content for YOU – whether you're in your first semester or a graduating senior, it’s like a personal advisor in your pocket.

Check off To-Dos

Organize your life and be “in-the-know” with your customized to-do list.

Make Appointments with Advisors and other Offices

Easily make appointments with your advisor and other support offices and receive handy appointment reminders.

Never Miss Important Events

See university deadlines and dates and integrate the academic calendar with your smartphone.

Connect with Resources

Match UH resources to your needs, contact the office, and get a walking map – right from your phone.

Plan your degree with Academic Planner

Use Academic Planner to plan your entire degree, term-by-term, and get feedback from your advisor to make sure you are right on track.

Resolve barriers in the Hold Center

Connect to the right office so you can quickly resolve enrollment holds.

Get where you’re going with your Class Schedule

View your class schedule, and integrate it into your smartphone automatically.

Make plans with Major Explorer

Match your interests and career goals to get you pointed toward the right major.

How to Make an Appointment

Students who were recently admitted to UH will receive advising as part of their New Student Orientation.

How to use Academic Planner

Academic Planner lets you work with your advisor to plan your path to an on-time graduation:

  • Lay out your classes, term-by-term.
  • Keep track of which courses you have enrolled in and completed.
  • Have your advisor confirm you are making the right course choices.

Download the Student Quick Start Guide to learn how to use Academic Planner.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make an appointment in the Navigate Student app?

To make an appointment with your advisor or another support office, click the purple Appointments icon in your Navigate Student app, and then your college and your major or service. Click on an available appointment time and confirm your appointment. You’ll get an email reminder the day before your appointment and a text reminder 2 hours before. 


Why are my login credentials not working?

Make sure to log in with your Cougarnet ID, not your numerical myUH ID. Your Cougarnet ID is normally your first initial and a piece of your last name. It would have been emailed to you when you registered for Orientation, so you may want to check your spam folder.

If you don’t remember your Cougarnet ID, or even if you are sure your Cougarnet ID and password are correct, the first step in diagnosing the problem from the technical end is to have you go to and click on Forgot your CougarNet ID? You will enter your myUH ID, and then it will email you your CougarNet UserID.

If you are still not able to log in, send your full name, myUHID, and Cougarnet ID to so we can troubleshoot.


I don’t see an open appointment time. What should I do?

In Navigate, time slots for advising offices open for the next 30 days on a rolling basis – so you’ll see 30 full days of availability, with a new day added at the end of that range every day beginning at midnight.         

If you don’t see an appointment time that can be clicked, it is either because there just aren’t any left for that period, or because there are not any available when you don’t have courses – Navigate will not allow you to schedule an advising appointment when you are scheduled to be in class.

Some offices offer walk-in advising, so if you don't see an open appointment, click to "View walk-in times" or check back daily for appointment times that have opened.

Right before enrollment each semester is a VERY busy time in advising offices. Mark your planner to see your advisor very early each semester so that you can get your questions answered!


I am not an active student. How can I make an appointment with an academic advisor?

If you are not currently an active student or are seeking readmission, your Cougarnet ID is inactive, so you will want to contact your advisor directly – advisor contact information is here: . Once you are readmitted and enrolled in courses, then you will be able to use Navigate to make future advising appointments.


I was just admitted to UH and I am awaiting New Student Orientation. How can I make an appointment with an academic advisor?

Welcome and Congratulations!

Students who were just recently admitted to UH will receive advising and enroll in courses as part of New Student Orientation.

  • During Orientation, you will be given instructions by your college to participate in enrollment advising, and your orientation advising hold will be released so you can enroll in courses.
  • If you have questions about your admitted major, please contact the UH Admissions office at
  • If you have questions about classes and credit, you can check required courses by major in our Academic Maps.
  • If you have questions that cannot wait until orientation, please find Prospective student contact instructions under your college on our Advisor contact page here:
  • If you have questions about Orientation, the Orientation office can
  • After orientation and once you are enrolled in courses, then you will be able to use Navigate to make future advising appointments. You will log in with your Cougarnet ID, which was emailed to you when you registered for Orientation. If you don’t remember your Cougarnet ID, go to click on Forgot your CougarNet ID? This will prompt you to enter your myUH ID, and then it will email you your CougarNet UserID.

How do I report an issue with the Navigate Student app?

Send an email to with your full name, UH ID, a description of the problem, and a screenshot of the issue.


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