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What can Integrated Studies mean for you?

Let us help you explore whether a degree in B. S. in Integrated Studies may be a good option for you.

  • Are you a prospective freshman or transfer student? 
    • Begin with a unique plan! If you have several interests and can’t quite settle on one major, or you’d rather not settle on just one major – unite your various interests into one integrated degree. Integrated Studies will allow you to craft a creative educational profile to market to employers or to graduate school admissions committees. If you later decide to change to another major, that’s ok! We can help you to make confident, informed major decisions, as well as complete your prerequisite preparation for the major of your choice.
    • Your next steps: Attend an Info Session, and then select Integrated Studies as your major of choice on your UH application.
  • Are you a current student at the University of Houston and thinking about a major change? 
    • Redirect your efforts! Your successful completion of a UH degree is our primary mission. Integrated Studies allows you to complete your degree in a timely manner, with as few additional credit hours as possible. With a completed Bachelor’s degree, you can pursue a career path of your choice or apply to graduate school.
    • Your next steps: Attend an Info Session, and then make an appointment with an Integrated Studies advisor through Navigate to discuss changing your major.
  • Are you a former UH student? 
    • Finish what you started! You may have stepped away from UH for a while, and your interests may have changed since you first started, but we welcome you home to complete your degree. A completed Bachelor’s degree opens up opportunities for a better future, through increased pay and enhanced career options.
    • Your next steps: Attend an Info Session, and then apply for readmission to UH.

Need more information? View our recorded Info Session and see our FAQ page to get your questions answered.