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College of Technology

Online Graduate Degrees at College of Technology - University of Houston

College of Technology

For over 70 years, the College of Technology has inspired innovation and uniquely equipped students to become industry leaders with broad engineering and technical knowledge, critical thinking, teamwork, and computing skills. A strong partnership with industry supplies students the experience of addressing real world issues by taking part in discovery and working in teams to put theory into practice.

The College of Technology at the University of Houston is integrating research with instruction to offer students the unique advantage of learning from faculty, staff and peers who are working on the most advanced technologies and research projects which are shaping our future. Engaging learning experiences and deeply rooted industry connections prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary to land rewarding careers.

With a commitment to workforce development, community enrichment and corporate progress, the College of Technology is offering a variety of online graduate degrees across highly sought-after specializations including biotechnology, computational health informatics, cybersecurity, and technology project management. Earning a degree from the College of Technology can help expand employment opportunities in your journey towards a successful future.

Graduate Programs

Extend your potential with online graduate programs designed to provide a convenient and affordable way to gain skills and earn a master's degree on your time. Choose from over ten fully online master's programs across wide-ranging disciplines from engineering technologies and biotechnology to consumer sciences and human resource development. Complete our form to request more information or contact us at 713-743-3327.