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Peri-Nuc Labs

Our primary mission is the development of anticancer drugs that target a particular survival mechanism within the cell that works in conjunction with current anticancer drugs and will stop cancers from recurring after remission. Our secondary goal is to develop methods of separation and fractionation for primary tumors and other tissues from our current method of cellular (non-tissue) fractionation.

Full Description

Peri-Nuc Labs LLC was founded in December 2016. When working on a cancer cell survival mechanism and peculiarities in the protein biosynthesis of cancer cells, Tattym Shaiken, the founder of the company, discovered a new compartment of cells in the perinuclear area that are essential for cell existence. After publishing the results (Scientific Reports, 2014), the author received requests to share details of cell analysis from scientists all over the world. Further research in this new field generated more interesting results that led to patenting new methods for tissue and tumor cell fractionation and separation as well as generating new papers which in turn led to the establishment of the startup Peri-Nuc Labs L LC in December 2016.


We plan to purchase a Keyence Microscope and a Perisome Isolation Machine. This will allow us to further study several leading drug compositions that we have recently discovered. We will also investigate other promising drugs using our exclusive agreement with Baylor College of Medicine for a high-throughput method that our founder and CEO created.