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Indapta Therapeutics Inc.

Using targeted NK Cells, a new class of Immuno-Oncology products, to drive the next major revolution in safe, allogeneic cancer therapies.

Full Description

First-in-class, off-the-shelf, allogeneic, Natural Killer cell immuno-oncology (IO) product. Stanford University and UC Davis Scientific Founders. Indapta has partnered with UH. Indapta is set to rapidly commercialize the field's most potent cancer-killing NK cell product. It expects that its allogeneic, First In Class Immuno Oncology NK cell product platform will cure multiple forms of cancer - on par with CAR-T yet extremely safe, with no GVHD, and with efficient large-scale GMP manufacturing with low COGS. Indapta believes its product platform will drive the next critical phase of cancer therapy evolution post-CAR-T.


A preferential subset of natural killer (NK) cells kills cancer in combination with monoclonal antibodies, (mAbs) far better than mAbs alone or conventional NK cells and mAbs.

Super G-NK cells from a population of super donors safely and dramatically enhance cancer-killing of existing cancermAbs.

FceRIy-deficient NK cells (G-NK cells) cells augment the efficacy of mAb therapy to kill cancer by causing far stronger Antibody-Dependent Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity (ADCC) than mAb alone.

The relative simplicity of combining FDA-approved antibodies with G-NK cells that are naturally pre-configured with powerful cytotoxic potency (no need to engineer cells) results in a far faster time to market with less capital required.