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Degree Plan Retailing and Consumer Science, B.S.

Information for the 2021-2022 academic year is not available.


Retailing and Consumer Science is designed to develop professionals who can integrate knowledge of consumers and merchandising processes and apply that knowledge to a broad spectrum of problems facing individual consumers, families, service agencies, and retail marketers of products and services. Retailing and Consumer Science focuses on analyzing the consumer as a social and economic unit of society and on the process of merchandising products to consumers.

Professional development in this program includes trend analysis, selling, merchandising experience, internship, self-assessment, professional goal setting, understanding owning and operating a small business, networking and portfolio development. Processes of retail marketing and consumer affairs are emphasized.

Graduates will:

  • Apply retail management techniques and principles to the buying and selling of products and services: includes brick & mortar, e-Commerce, and other sites.
  • Have the option to enhance their professional development through the Electronic (online) Consumer Science and Merchandising courses (E-CSM), allowing students to earn income while acquiring skills from remote locations.
  • Demonstrate the relationship between consumers and businesses through employment in the fields of retail marketing, fashion, sales, buying, public relations, and education.
  • Display global technology expertise required for the retailing professional in today's marketplace.

Students pursuing the Retailing and Consumer Science degree must complete the following requirements in addition to the university core requirements and general college requirements.