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Spring 2021 Session Starts January 25th

Transmedia Marketing® is the practice of motivating people to action by producing and distributing an integrated and consistent brand experience across at least three media channels—each carrying different content—to accomplish a unified goal. Techniques employed include storytelling, world-building, and cultivating audience participation and feedback over multiple platforms

This is the only Transmedia Marketing® certification program in the world.  It offers a time saving, online curriculum for adult learners seeking an engaging training experience from which they create projects offering immediate job impact and career value.

minimal time + minimal $ = finished project with a certificate

No longer is a marketer only cultivating a creative strategy. Rather, you must blend a strong dose of technology to best reach and retain today’s mobile-consuming audience.

Powerful marketing tactics for creative technologists


Get personal feedback from Emmy or Clio award-winning Guest Master instructors.*

*on most courses.


12 weeks per online course; Fall, Spring, Summer entry.


$650.00 per course or $3,000 for the completed program.

Ideal For


Small Business Owners


Freelance Creatives


Mid-level Marketing Professionals


Creative Professionals

Courses Offered


"Join my new, online Content Strategy course. In 12 weeks, you will develop a powerful social media campaign utilizing proven branded content strategies."

- Monika Alters

Instructional Assistant Professor

12 weeks + $650 = one powerful social media campaign.


"Join my new, online Data Mining Marketing course. In 12 weeks, you will develop a dynamic data mining marketing strategy utilizing proven data mining tactics."

- Mark Hargrove, MS

12 weeks + $650 = one dynamic data mining marketing strategy


"Join my new, online Video Production course. In 12 weeks, you will develop a world-class video promotion utilizing proven visual storytelling tactics."

- Phil Snyder, MFA

Instructional Associate Professor

12 weeks + $650 = one world-class video promotion.


"Join my new, online Transmedia Marketing® course. In 12 weeks, you will develop an inspired, multi-media campaign utilizing proven transmedia tactics."

- Karen Snyder, MFA

12 weeks + $650 = one inspired transmedia marketing® campaign.

User Interface

"Join my new User Interface Design course. In 12 weeks, you will learn all aspects of the creative design process and craft that will allow you to design intuitive, modern user interfaces for mobile and web applications."

- Saad Riaz

12 weeks + $650 = one amazing User Interface.