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Cougars for Kids

About Cougars for Kids

The Cougars for Kids community service volunteer program was created to establish an effective avenue to enable University of Houston students to learn the value of making community service contributions by becoming Student Volunteers and helping to meet the needs of children of all ages who are patients in Houston area hospitals and pupils of its schools.

Cougars for Kids

The goal of this program is to provide volunteer assistance by UH students, faculty, and alumni to the children in these locations and to work with existing volunteer staff in the hospitals and schools on an ongoing basis in meeting the needs of these children. This assistance will include such activities as: reading, storytelling, playing games, helping children with their schoolwork assignments, and even becoming a mentor to some of these youngsters.

The University of Houston considers it a privilege for students to be accepted into this unique program of student volunteer service. Standards for this program will be consistent with the same high standards, values and ethics of the University of Houston and the various participating hospitals and schools. Students may be required to submit to certain standardized screening procedures required by the hospitals or schools. Student participation must be approved by the Cougars for Kids Program.

UH Cougars for Kids Apparel for Volunteers

University of Houston Students, Faculty and Alumni volunteers will be provided with a t-shirt after a minimum of 10 documented volunteer hours, that feature the UH Cougars for Kids logo.

Become a Cougars for Kids Student Volunteer

We believe that Cougars for Kids will benefit everyone: the children in the hospitals and the schools, our UH students and faculty, the University of Houston, and the entire community.

For additional information on the UH Cougars for Kids program, please contact us at

Join us today and help make a difference in the lives of these kids.

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