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Education Resources

  • Bacillus thuringiensis - Sharing Its Natural Talent with Crops - This four-module curriculum was prepared by the Office of Biotechnology at Iowa State University and published by ISU Extension for high school teachers or extension educators to use with grades 9-12 or adult audiences. DNA from the naturally-occuring soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis has been incorporated to produce resistance to certain insects in crops such as corn and cotton. The curriculum has four modules that discuss the science behind Bt crops; specific Bt crops; production issues; and ethical, social, and legal issues.
  • Protopedia - The free, collaborative 3D encyclopedia of proteins & other molecules. This contains rotating 3-D structures of biomolecules and explanations for molecules in the life sciences. Proteopedia is the winner of the 2010 The Scientist "Best Science Website" Labby Awards.
  • Introduction to Bioinformatics - This course is a short series of lectures on Statistical Bioinformatics from Rice University's Statistics Department. Topics covered are listed in the Table of Contents. The notes were prepared by Ewa Paszek, Lukasz Wita and Marek Kimmel.
  • Cells Alive - Contains animations and cell cams. Animations cover cell mitosis, meiosis and cell cycles. There is also a scale animation that shows how small microorganisms are.
  • BEN - BiosciEdNet - Digital Library Portal for teaching and learning in the biological sciences, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. This is the section that deals with animations for topics in the biological sciences, categorized alphabetically.