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Center Advisory Board

The College of Technology instituted Center operations in March of 2006. Stakeholder visionaries are invited to join the Center for Life Sciences Technology Advisory Board of Directors. The Board consists of professionals who assist in directing, strategizing the Center's next steps, and implementing the large fundraising campaign. The executive board meets each quarter, and select committees meet more frequently depending on their project.

The Center for Life Sciences Technology Advisory Board is a critical link between the CLiST and the communities it serves. Through the Advisory Board, the center enlists the counsel and support of senior business executives whose focus is the exchange of information and the exploration of issues facing bio/medical research and biotechnology cluster issues, such as workforce education and training. The underlying mission of the board is to develop relationships, sources of private funding and communication connections to enhance the work of CLiST, participating stakeholders and the bio/medical community.

The CLiST Advisory Board provides the guidance and expertise necessary to achieve this mission. As leaders in their respective fields, Advisory Board members' perspectives and expertise will play an essential role in shaping the future of CLiST.

Center for Life Sciences Technology Advisory Board

Denis Headon, Ph.D.
Texas - United Kingdom Collaboration
Rice University

Jason E. Moore, M.S., M.B.A.
Vice President
PLx Pharma Inc.

Jacqueline R. Northcut
President & CEO
BioHouston, Inc.

Mani Subramanian, Ph.D.
Executive Consultant

Ann Tanabe
Chief Operations Officer
BioHouston, Inc.

Dr. Werner Bussmann
Vice President, Program Management
Gylcos Bio
Houston, Texas

Dr. Christian Tidona
Managing Director
Heidelberg, Germany