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RCDC resources are available to all members of the UH community. RCDC can also establish user accounts for collaborators from outside the University of Houston. All users must be sponsored by a PI. More information about creating an account can be found at the account request page.

Please read our Policies and Procedures  page for details about eligibility, limits and other important information.

The first step is for PIs is to Identify what RCDC resource (link) would be suitable for their research application. PIs will use this information to request an allocation  which offers computing time—measured in Service Units or SUs—and storage. PIs can then apply for an account, and sponsor any collaborators, if any, to use her/his allocation. 


Quick List

  1. Submit a support request if you have any questions or concerns
  2. Identify what RCDC resource would be suitable for your research application
  3. Request an account on that resource with approval from your faculty adviser
  4. Read RCDC User Guide which provides online documentation for the HPC resources 
  5. Register and attend one of our training classes 
  6. Watch a video recording of some of our classes if course is not immediately available
  7. Use the tutorials for getting acquainted with the resource utilization process
  8. Start using the RCDC resource for your research project
  9. Report and acknowledge RCDC support in your publications