Environmental research appears on Fox26 news

Baby BottleThe debate on whether or not bisphenol A (BPA) causes effects of concern for human health at current exposure levels has lately escalated as a result of several recent evaluations of its toxicity. Evaluations from the USA and Canada express concern, especially for developmental effects in foetuses and infants. In contrast, European assessments have concluded that BPA does not pose a threat to human health. Primarily, it is the conclusions regarding the relevance to human health of so called “low-dose effects” of BPA that differ. Such effects have been reported at doses in the range of a few micrograms per kg body weight and day, which are many times lower than the dose levels currently accepted by regulatory authorities. What are the risks of BPA exposure? The main concern is for developmental effects in exposed foetuses. Another concern is that exposed foetuses may become predisposed to developing breast and prostate cancer later in life.

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