Spring 2020 - University of Houston
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A Publication for Alumni, Friends & Supporters

¡Viva, Coogs!

A Publication for Alumni, Friends & Supporters

¡Viva, Coogs!

Spring Reflection

Springtime brings a unique vitality and energy to our University of Houston campuses. Burgeoning with enthusiasm, aware they are approaching the culmination of their academic career, students exit the UH at Sugar Land technology building. Together, they stride across campus sharing plans for a bright future and prepared to conquer their goals.

President Renu Khator sitting in a red chair

UH President Renu Khator congratulates the spring 2020 graduates, who prevailed against the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to earn their degrees.

Share the president’s commencement remarks to this special group.

Refrigerator with one door open revealing food, one door closed, and a piece of paper attached with a magnet

Food for All

From Robot Delivery to a Free Pantry, Access to Food on Campus May Be Better than Ever

What if Cement Could Talk?

Here, We Go red illustration with skyline

'Here, We Go'

Closing in on the Finish Line

After Meeting Its $1B Goal Early, the Campaign’s Still Going Strong

1960s astronauts "The Nifty Nine" onstage in Cullen Performance Hall.

Last Look

When NASA located its new spaceflight center in Houston in the early 1960s, it initially set up shop in several temporary locations, including the University of Houston. One campus building — which later became KUHT — served as NASA’s Computer and Data Receiving Division. And Cullen Performance Hall was enlisted to present the newest group of astronauts to an adoring media throng. Dubbed “The Nifty Nine,” the fly boys onstage included Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, who uttered the now-famous phrase “Thatʼs one small step for a man … and Go, Coogs!” Or something to that effect.