Return - University of Houston

Since our move to online instruction last spring, we have been eagerly looking forward to our return to campus this fall. This summer, the Moores School administrators, staff, and faculty have been diligently working in preparation for a successful new academic year. Throughout the planning process, we have prioritized health and safety concerns as we have established strategies to deliver impactful educational activities.

In light of those priorities, fall coursework in the Moores School will occur both through face-to-face and online modes of instruction, with many of our individual lessons and chamber/ensemble activities happening face-to-face, and most academic courses held online. Ultimately, our students will have flexible options that will allow for individual preferences.

We hope that the FAQ below will give you a better understanding of our plans. This information is current as of July 17, 2020. Please continue to refer back to this page for updates, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Fall Course Enrollment

Many Moores students will have opportunities for face-to-face music lessons and rehearsals this fall. We will offer online instruction for any students and faculty members who request it. All face-to-face experiences will occur with the safety of students and faculty in mind, as they practice appropriate physical distancing and utilize related safety equipment. You can also contact your applied instructor or ensemble director for more detailed information regarding plans specific to your instrument and performing group.
Many of our academic courses have been moved to an online format. Please search the UH class schedule to determine if a specific course will be online or face-to-face.


At this point, we are planning that faculty and students will have the opportunity to perform for live audiences in our performance spaces. Please keep in mind that these plans may be adjusted as circumstances change. As with all face-to-face experiences, we plan that performances will be planned with the safety of the performers and audience members in mind.
We want to be sure that our audiences and supporters can be part of our creative activities, and so we plan that many of our scheduled performances will either be webcast live or posted for later viewing by an online audience.
We are committed to helping students continue their artistic development and progress in their degree plans. This fall, faculty will work with students to develop flexible recital options, which may include pre-recorded performances or capstone equivalency projects.

General Concerns

In our current plans, the music building is scheduled to be accessible during normal operating hours when the campus reopens. The UH administration is developing guidelines and procedures regarding building and room occupancy limits. Once these are established, we will share this information with our MSM community. We plan to allow students, such as pianists and percussionists, as much access to our facilities as possible, and we will follow the UH health and safety guidelines as we work within the building.
The University of Houston facility services will be engaged daily in cleaning our classrooms and performance spaces. Within Moores, we are establishing procedures and protocols that will help keep us safe and healthy. These include plans for physical distancing for face-to-face classes and rehearsals, cleaning protocols for our instruments and equipment, and management of how we move through the facility daily.
Further questions? Contact Associate Director Katherine Turner