A&F Division Update: Transition & Reopening
05/12/2021, 01:00:02 PM


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Leadership Message from the Chief Financial Officer


Dear A&F Division Staff:

As the spring semester comes to an end and we begin critical planning for the fall, it is important to emphasize several key dates and next steps moving forward in support of the Division’s steadfast commitment to the University’s core mission and strategic objectives outlined in the recent communication from President Khator.

Recognizing that within our Division each unit is different in the nature of the roles as well as the specific activities, I have been working with the Division leadership team to establish a transition plan consistent with the University’s plans. You will be hearing more about plans for your area in the near future from your respective organizational leaders as we prepare to return to work on campus.  Critical to our success is our overall alignment with the University’s planning, noting that the official transition to on-campus reopening will begin June 15 and continue throughout the summer with a full return by August 2.

Fundamental to our Division’s success is that we are unique in our mission of customer service excellence throughout our respective areas demonstrated not only throughout the pandemic but also as we progress forward in the planning already underway for the fall semester.

While these plans are moving forward with information we know to date, health and safety remain our top priority, and we will be guided by the most current CDC guidelines and protocols.  As a reminder, you should familiarize yourself with the following Transition and Full Reopening FAQs. Should you have any questions regarding the transition within your unit, please contact your supervisor.

Thank you for your commitment and support.


Parking Payroll Learning Public Art Finance Policies
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This is an official message sent by the University of Houston. To verify the validity of this message, email security@uh.edu.

Parking Payroll Learning Public Art FinancePolicies