Required Training for Alternative Work Arrangements
03/17/2022, 03:05:01 PM
University of Houston

Good Afternoon Staff and Managers,

You should have received an email communication on March 11, 2022 regarding our Workplace Reimagined. As stated in that email, starting April 1, 2022, Human Resources is planning to allow staff members to submit requests for Alternative Work Arrangements, when positions allow. Before an employee can request an A.W.A., they must complete the required training for their current role.

Alternative Work Arrangements Training for Individual Contributors

HH2209 – Alternative Work Policy - Staff

Alternative Work Arrangements Training for Managers and Supervisors

HH2208 - Alternative Work Policy – Managers

To request enrollment, log into P.A.S.S. via AccessUH and request enrollment for the correct course number (HH2209 for Staff or HH2208 for Managers). The training will be available in TAP the next day for your completion. Review the training in its entirety and complete the quiz to receive credit for the course.

For assistance or questions regarding the training, email us

Vicki Rawlston, Manager
Talent Development
Human Resources

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