Ending Inequities Committee Report
12/18/2020, 03:30:01 PM
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Dec. 18, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

I want to express my sincere appreciation to the members of the College’s Ending Inequities Committee for their dedication and deliberative work to help us address systemic racism. As you’ll recall, in June, following the death of George Floyd and the need to accelerate anti-racist actions, I charged the new committee with developing recommendations related to four areas: bias, curriculum, culture and research.

The committee, led by Tiffany J. Davis and Sam Brower, involved nearly 60 members, including faculty, staff, students and alumni from across departments. As the report states, the members engaged in a “thoughtful, purposeful and iterative process,” which included a listening survey of faculty, staff and students that drew nearly 100 responses.

I encourage you to read the Committee’s full report as the College leadership team discusses next steps to help ensure a sustained, intentional effort that produces meaningful changes in the short- and long-term. Building a culture that truly supports diversity, equity, inclusion and respect will take a recommitment from each of us.

I appreciate you taking the time to review the report and join me in thanking the members of the Ending Inequities Committee. I will provide updates as we continue this critical work in the new year.


Dean Robert McPherson

UH College of Education Ending Inequities Committee

Co-chairs: Tiffany J. Davis (Faculty/ELPS) and Sam Brower (Faculty/CUIN)

Bias Subcommittee: Co-chairs Jennifer Hay (Staff/Dean’s Office) and Jen Chauvot (Faculty/CUIN)

  • Weihua Fan (Faculty/PHLS)
  • Rebecca Ingle (Alumnus/ELPS)
  • Detra Johnson (Faculty/ELPS)
  • Duncan Klussmann (Faculty/ELPS)
  • Laura Lee (Staff/UGS)
  • Monica Martens (Student/ELPS)
  • Sarah Mire (Faculty/PHLS)
  • Rosa Nam (Student/CUIN)
  • Kathy Patnaude (Staff/Dean’s Office)
  • Saira Rab (Faculty/PHLS)
  • Bradley Smith (Faculty/ELPS)
  • Susan Stubbs (Student/CUIN)
  • Jaha Williams (Staff/Dean’s Office)
  • Travis Weiland (Faculty/CUIN)

Curriculum Subcommittee: Co-chairs Keith Butcher (Faculty/ELPS), Toya Conston (Faculty/PHLS) and Dustine Thomas (Faculty, CUIN)

  • Jeannette Alarcón (Faculty/CUIN)
  • Tori Amason (Student/ELPS)
  • Neha Anand (Student/CUIN)
  • Shemon Bailey (Student/ELPS)
  • Justin Burris (Faculty/CUIN)
  • Jane Cooper (Faculty/CUIN)
  • Sarah Fard (Staff/Dean’s Office)
  • Leslie Frankel (Faculty/PHLS)
  • Bridgette Jones (Staff/OGS)
  • Nancy Reis (Faculty/CUIN)
  • Laura Turchi (Faculty/CUIN)
  • Kathryn McGuire (Student/ELPS)

Culture Subcommittee: Co-chairs Kaitlyn Dempsey (Staff/UGS) and Abbey Bachmann (Student/CUIN)

  • Celeste Alba (Faculty/CUIN)
  • Tia Davis (Student/CUIN)
  • Kelli Drenner (Faculty/PHLS)
  • Toni Hill-Kennedy (Student/ELPS)
  • Geneva Marquina (Staff/UGS)
  • April Peters-Hawkins (Faculty/ELPS)
  • Nia Soeharto (Coordinator/Measurement & Evaluation Center)
  • Geralyn Stevens (Staff/ Dean)
  • Francisco Usero-Gonzalez (Student/CUIN)

Research Subcommittee: Co-chairs Britney Womble (Staff/OGS) and Virginia Snodgrass Rangel (Faculty/ELPS)

  • Isabel Arras-Osborne (Student/CUIN)
  • Christopher Burnett (Alumnus/ELPS)
  • Bradley Davis (Faculty/ELPS)
  • Elsa Gonzalez (Faculty/ELPS)
  • Cathy Horn (Faculty/ELPS)
  • Melissa Gallagher (Faculty/CUIN)
  • Allison Master (Faculty/PHLS)
  • Cynthia Perez (Staff/UGS)
  • Stephanie Perez-Gill (Student/ELPS)
  • Neelofer Tajani (Faculty/CUIN)
  • Keela Uzzell (Student/CUIN)
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