Alternative Work Arrangements
03/31/2022, 04:05:02 PM

March 31, 2022


As you know, UH has implemented a policy allowing for alternative work arrangements for staff pending the proper approvals. During the pandemic, we all learned helpful lessons about adjusting our routines and systems to maintain the operations of the College. With the flexibility of this new policy, I look forward to the College continuing to improve our processes and services to achieve our teaching and research mission. While this policy applies to staff, this email includes faculty as the implementation is relevant to the College as a whole.

As a general philosophy, all alternative workplace arrangements approved in the College of Education should be designed to enhance customer service (to students, colleagues, community partners, etc.), improve productivity, facilitate collaboration and advance employee well-being. As important, we must work intentionally to maintain an inviting, energized culture in the College.

More specifically, arrangements should be made so offices are covered and responsive during standard business hours, and employees should be available to come to campus if needed. Job performance should be taken into consideration when managers assess requests for alternative work arrangements. Please note that arrangements can be revoked if they are not meeting the needs of the College.

I’m confident that, together, we can build on our innovation to accelerate the success of the College. Please read the steps below for requesting alternative work arrangements, which cannot take effect until all approvals are granted.

Request and Approval Process – Alternative Work Arrangement

  1. Employees and managers must complete the required training in TAP (request training via P.A.S.S. in AccessUH; course HH2209 for staff, HH2208 for managers). For policy questions, review the HR Workplace Reimagined website.
  2. Interested employees should email their completed AWA justification form to their manager. Please first discuss with your manager your responses to questions 4 and 5 about maintaining productivity and having a safe workspace with the necessary resources.
  3. Managers: If approving the AWA, sign the form and email it to Paul Roch in the Business Services Office. If denying the AWA, provide your reasoning on page 3 and email the unsigned form to Paul, who will follow up with you.
  4. Paul Roch in Business Services will log requests, obtain the requisite approvals (Dean, Provost and HR if needed), and email signed forms back to the employee and manager.
  5. The employee should upload the form in P.A.S.S. via the Alternative Work Arrangement button.
  6. The manager should approve the form in P.A.S.S. via the Alternative Work Arrangement button. The alternative arrangement can start once the manager completes this step.
  7. Arrangements will be reviewed at least annually and may be reviewed more frequently.

Please direct specific questions to your manager or Paul Roch.

Onward with innovation,

Robert H. McPherson, Ph.D.
Dean & Elizabeth D. Rockwell Chair

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