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10/14/2022, 04:35:01 PM
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Oct. 14, 2022


President Khator’s Fall Address this week showcased a rendering of the new Centennial Plaza. This is a good opportunity to update you on the state of the renovation plans. My leadership team has been actively engaged with UH Facilities and the architects to help us make the best use of space as we prepare to move to McElhinney Hall and the recently renovated Science Building. The current schedule makes our move likely to occur in 2025.

Our discussions are informed by the feedback you have provided with respect to office, teaching and research needs; thank you. We are committed to prioritizing renovations to support productive and collaborative work environments as well as specialized learning and lab spaces. The team has been thinking creatively about built space so we can accommodate room for growth. As the design work progresses, I’ll schedule a meeting of the full College to share more updates and images.

We are also sharing news of the future move with our students and want to be sure everyone understands changes are not imminent. We remain committed to our teaching and research mission.

I know you will continue to have questions along the way. Please feel free to reach out; I’ll be glad to answer all the questions I can and let you know if I don’t have the answers yet.


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Cathy Horn, Ph.D.
Moores Professor and Interim Dean
UH College of Education
UHCOE Map and Photos of Building Renovation
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