Be Prepared for Hurricane Season at UH
05/26/2021, 10:00:01 AM
University of Houston

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

The 2021 hurricane season begins June 1. We want to let you know that, as we continue through these uncertain times, the University of Houston is still making sure our emergency procedures are ready to be put into action should we face such a threat. Please review the key information below in preparation for hurricane season.

First, it’s imperative that EVERYONE is signed up to receive the UH ALERT Emergency Notification System messages via your cellphone. This does NOT happen automatically – you have to actively input your cellphone number into our system in order to receive these vital emergency text messages. To sign up, please go to this page for instructions. In addition, if your family and friends would be aware of all our emergency information, please share this page with them.

Second, it’s crucial that you are familiar with the University’s general procedures regarding Hurricane Preparedness and how they may impact you.  In addition, ensure that all members of your department know and understand your Continuity of Operations Plan.

Third, it’s important that you take steps in advance for your personal preparedness, including reviewing your family’s hurricane plan. To learn more about personal hurricane preparedness and recommended supplies, please visit this page.

Please make your plans now to ensure you, your family and your campus community are be prepared for the hurricane season, which will be here very soon.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Emergency Management as we partner together to be well prepared for the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Thank you for your support.

Ginger Walker
Director of Emergency Management
Campus Safety – Office of Emergency Management
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