Reminder: Check the Active Vehicle on Your Parking Permit Before Coming to Campus
01/16/2023, 01:40:01 PM


As a friendly reminder, it is the responsibility of every parking permit holder to verify that the vehicle they park on the University of Houston campus is the "active" vehicle on their permit. You can have numerous vehicles registered to your parking account, but only one can be the "active" vehicle on your parking permit at any given time.

How to Check the Active Vehicle on Your Permit

  • Log in to your myParking Account through AccessUH.
  • Click the red button that says "Click Here to Manage Your Permit & Vehicles"
  • If prompted, log in to Microsoft 365 using your CougarNet credentials.
  • Look at the vehicle information in the "Active Vehicles" column. If that is the vehicle you are bringing to campus, you are all set! If not, you will need to update it.

How to Update the Active Vehicle on Your Permit

How to Add a Vehicle to Your Parking Account

  • If the vehicle you are driving is not already on your myParking Account, then you will need to add it first before following the steps above to make it the "active" vehicle.
  • To add a vehicle in your myParking Account, click the red button that says "Click Here to Manage Your Permit & Vehicles"
  • Click the "My Vehicles" pull-down tab.
  • Click the "Add a New Vehicle" button.
  • Enter the vehicle information, then click "Save"

A Few Last Things to Remember

  • Just because you register a vehicle to your parking account, it does NOT mean that it is the "active" vehicle on your parking permit.
  • You still may need to take the additional step of adding it to your parking permit as the "active" vehicle.
  • If you bring a different vehicle to campus on any given day, you need to make it the "active" vehicle on your permit. Please do this BEFORE coming to campus.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at or 832-842-1097.

Richard Zagrzecki
Department Outreach Manager
UH Parking and Transportation Services


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