Make it Count: Coogs on Campus Vol. 3
10/04/2021, 10:45:02 AM
October 1 - 31 | 2021
SHRL wants to say thank you to every resident, staff member, and Faculty in Residence that participated in the recent fire drills. You practiced how to save your own life and protect First Responders from lengthy searches.
Please remember to review our evacuation video.
As you continue to decorate your home away from home just please keep up the fire safety practices and remember:
  • Use only battery-operated string lights, not the plug-in extension-cord type
  • Decorations and shelves cannot be closer than 18-inches to sprinkler heads or smoke detectors
  • Candles and space heaters are not approved to have in your room.
Resources for Residents
Women & Gender Resource Center (WGRC)
The mission of the WGRC is to promote gender equity, gender justice, and student success at the University of Houston through advocacy, education, empowerment, and support services.
Center for Student Involvement
The Center for Student Involvement creates an inclusive and accessible environment that provides meaningful and diverse learning and involvement opportunities for students.
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