Updated Face Covering Protocol
05/18/2021, 08:40:01 PM
University of Houston

Dear UH Friends,

Pursuant to the Governor’s executive order (GA-36) and effective immediately, the University is no longer mandating the wearing of face coverings. While we move forward to address appropriate edits to our COVID-19 protocols, any protocol that requires face coverings at UH will no longer be enforced; however, a person can continue to wear a face covering if they wish.

The University encourages persons who are not fully vaccinated to continue to wear face coverings in public settings where they will be around other people, to protect themselves, and others who are not fully vaccinated, against COVID-19 infection. We also strongly encourage our students, faculty, and staff to get vaccinated.  Vaccinations will help keep you from getting sick from COVID-19 and will help lower the health risks for those around you. You can visit the UH COVID-19 Vaccine page for the latest on how to register for an appointment in the Houston area and get answers to common questions.

As more and more people are vaccinated and as guidance evolves and mandates lift in response, we can increasingly expect to see situations in public where some people are wearing masks, and some are not. It is important to acknowledge that these are personal decisions that each of us must make based on our individual circumstances.

Our University has worked hard to keep itself as safe and secure as possible and we realize many of you may still have questions. Please refer to our COVID-19 website. UH protocols and guidance are continually updated to reflect the latest changes.

Thank you for your continued resilience and we look forward to seeing you in person as we transition back to working on campus this summer.


Stephen J. Spann, M.D., M.B.A.
Founding Dean, College of Medicine
Vice President for Medical Affairs
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