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Multi-Factor Authentication Integration Service (Duo)

Description of Service:

Provision of multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA) integration and services for UH mission critical applications. Provides the user with the ability to enter a second factor authentication (e.g. Push to Phone/Approve, SMS PassCode, Hardware Token, WebAuthn) of something they have after entering something they know (username/password).

Business Owner:

 Administration (A&F)

UIT Service Manager:

 Shivi Pawa

UHS Service?


How To Request:

Users are automatically asked to enroll in the Duo 2FA service upon first sign-in to Access UH service.

Minimum Service Level:


Maintenance Windows:

Fridays, 4 a.m. - 8 a.m.

Support (Tier 1):

UIT Customer Support: 713-743-1411;

Support (Tier 2):

Enterprise Systems Windows OS Team - Shivi Pawa, Mgr,

Support (Tier 3):

Duo Support Team, contact via Shivi Pawa, Mgr,

Charges (if applicable):

 Not Applicable