Prospective Members ,

        Welcome! All the updates on ISA will be on this site.Please join the mailing list to keep up to date with ISA by sending an e-mail to ---> <--- with ADD IN MAILING LIST in the subject line. ISA is for everyone no matter what the religion, caste and social status of the member is.

Why become a member?

- FREE ISA T-shirt
- FREE monthly socials - FREE FOOD
- Get into our main events either for free or at discounted rates
- Be a part of University of Houston's newest and fastest growing organization
- Meet new and exciting people
- Explore the desi culture on campus
- Have a great college experience!!!

How to become a member:
---------> By completing the membership form <---------

-Pay $10 fee for annual membership
-Get a FREE T-shirt with annual membership
-You can put cash or check in a sealed envelope and drop it in our mailbox located at
the UC underground in the campus activities office.
-We are box #265.


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