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The Texas Certified Public Manager curriculum provides a theoretical foundation while emphasizing applications to practical problems facing the participant, their agency/department and the citizenry. Students take a sequence of seven courses (tracks) offered over a 14-21 month period. Each of the seven courses meets 1.5 days a month. Participants must complete 6 courses (tracks) and a final capstone project (track 7) where the student demonstrates the management skills, knowledge, and ability learned in the previous six tracks. 

Download the 2021-2022 or 2022-2023 schedule of classes.

Attendance Policy

In order to get the optimum benefit from the Certified Public Manager program, consistent attendance is required. If an absence is necessary due to an illness or emergency, the student must contact the CPM director with the date and number of hours missed to request make-up work, which will include additional reading and written assignments. A student cannot miss more than 10 hours total during the program.