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Track 5


FOCUS:To provide essential information on how to conduct public administration research leading toward the evaluation of public and non-profit sector programs. Benchmarking, program evaluation, and the tools and techniques of public administration research will be explored. In addition, the basic principles of legal research will be covered in this track.

This track is intended for

  • Public service employees who want to acquire this specialized knowledge and training and apply the best practices and theory to their management behaviors and strategies.
  • Management professionals who want to develop their research and evaluation skills.
  • Administrative staff who want to gain a better understanding of research and program evaluation.
  • Students in the government or non-profit sectors who are interested in enhancing their skills and abilities needed to deal with "real-world" problems and situations.


Class attendance and participation, completion of outside readings and "homework exams", and completion of an applied research project and paper.

This course is closed for registration.