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Moving and/or Disposing of Surplus Equipment

Transferring or disposing of surplus equipment is a billable request. In order to transfer surplus equipment to the Property Management Department fill out a PRP-A1 form. Once this form is approved by Property Management, submit a work request form with the approved PRP-A1 attached. Equipment that is being immediately disposed of does not require a PRP-A1 form. For such equipment, simply fill out the work request form.

Data Process Equipment

Prior to the transfer or disposal of data processing equipment, the property custodian is responsible for assessing whether to remove data from the equipment. If it is possible to restrict personal information, confidential information, mission critical information, intellectual property, or licensed software is contained on the equipment, the equipment storage device should be sanitized or the storage device should be destroyed.

Laboratory Equipment

All laboratory equipment being disposed of or moved must  be cleanned, decontaminated, and tagged with Laboratory Equipment Safety Clearance form prior to being moved.  Facilities staff are not permitted to move any furniture or equipment in or out of a laboratory, or clean a laboratory until the laboratory has been properly cleared of hazardous materials, disinfected/decontaminated.