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Smart Bins (Big Belly)


The Smart Bin units are solar powered recycling and trash units which are located all throughout the campus.  The Smart Bin unit provides dual functionality collection, half of the unit holds regular trash the other holds recycling. The unit’s side panels and front hopper cover are made from 100% post-consumer recycled car bumpers. Smart Bins have wireless technology that reports their status and inform Facilities Services’s Recycling and Solid Waste division when they are full and ready to be emptied.  



Plastics #1-5 and 7 
Unbroken glass containers
Metals: aluminum, steel and tin cans, bottles, foil, paperclips, small metal pieces
Paper: white or colored paper, magazines, newspaper, paper board, construction paper

Plastic Bags
Food Scraps 


Don't Recycle

Don't Trash

Styrofoam and #6 plastic are not accepted
Pizza Boxes

No recyclable materials 
Hazardous materials