Recognizing Enhanced Cleaning Team Efforts

Enhanced Cleaning Team is Maintaining Excellence

The University of Houston Enhanced Cleaning Team works tirelessly to maintain hygiene across campus. Classrooms scheduled by the Office of the Registrar are cleaned and disinfected daily Monday-Saturday and fogged nightly Monday-Saturday.  Facilities/Construction Management is proud to support the University’s mission while maintaining layers of safety during this pandemic. There are dedicated teams that are working constantly to increase the cleanliness of the campus to help with the prevention of COVID-19. Some of them are disinfecting high-touch point areas while others are fogging scheduled classrooms each evening.

Facilities/Construction Management proudly recognizes their employees as their greatest resource in making this happen. “We meet with our staff regularly to keep them informed of any new and upcoming cleaning initiatives geared towards combating the COVID-19 pandemic,” explains Assistant Director of Campus Services Ana De Los Reyes. “Overall, open communication with our staff has proven effective in keeping our campus clean and safe during this pandemic.”

 The dedicated team has overcome some hurdles in order to achieve success in their efforts. These hurdles included limited supplies and materials and some even completely on backorder throughout these last 8 months.  As a result of these experiences, lessons have been learned. “We have taken an active role in monitoring closely our inventory levels during this pandemic to better understand potential constraints and determine usage levels campus-wide for current and future demand of these supplies,” states De Los Reyes.

F/CM would like to proudly recognize and thank the Enhanced Cleaning Team for their continued efforts in ensuring campus safety & cleanness. They are helping to build the futures of our students and maintain excellence throughout our facilities.