Building Futures, Maintaining Excellence

During 2020, Facilities/Construction Management developed and implemented a new set of mission and vision statements. Associate Vice Chancellor/Associate Vice President David Oliver commented regarding this process. “We all understand the core of why we are here, but how we go about achieving that varied from person to person. Establishing the F/CM Mission and Vision helps focus our efforts in one direction. This helps build our future.”

Each of the three units within the department reviewed, tweaked and discussed the statements along with developing their own. All 400+ team members were also invited to participate in workshops to help think through how to make these statements real.

“I enjoyed listening to everyone’s point of view and their thoughts on how the mission and vision statements help each and every one.” was the reaction from Program Coordinator Ana Sanchez.

Facilities Supervisor Ron Gilmore stated, “The workshop instilled hope for a better future.”

Assistant Project Manager Angelica Olivos commented about her favorite part of the workshop. “Listening to the other teams’ responses to the questions and how they will live the MV statements.

As part of the process, a new phrase was adopted: Building Futures, Maintaining Excellence. This short purposeful phrase encompasses many layers of commitment to the University’s students, faculty and staff along with the department team members.


Building Futures

When thinking of Building Futures, the first picture is of a physical building being planned, designed and built with the guidance and expertise of the Facilities/Construction Management team members and the future success of the University of Houston.

However, thoughts also come to mind of students studying, living and building their individual futures inside those amazing structures and the core goal of student success to which the University is committed to achieving.

These two words also include the growth and development programs being established for F/CM’s own team members from Custodial Training to Project Management Professional Certification.


Maintaining Excellence

The second part of the purpose phrase is Maintaining Excellence.

The surface meaning is of course reflective of F/CM providing customer centric support for faculty, staff and students to maintain the physical infrastructure of the University of Houston campus with a high degree of reliability.

Also included in this purpose phrase is the mandate to reflect excellence in the operations of F/CM.  This encompasses operational efficiency, cost effectiveness and clarity of purpose in supporting the core mission of the University of Houston.

Once achieved, excellence must be maintained.  Developing a culture that uses processes, procedures and sustainable practices is critical to prevent the loss of knowledge that invariably occurs with staff and leadership turnover.  We must have continuity of operations that is resilient to the unexpected.

As the stewards of the University’s facilities and physical infrastructure, Facilities/Construction Management builds futures and maintains excellence.