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September 20, 2023

Student Media at the University of Houston has continued to work during these uncertain times. The three student media organizations, The Cougar, Coog Radio, and Coog TV, have maintained their service and dedication to the UH community by providing continued campus updates, movies, programs, and unlimited music.

The Cougar

The Cougar is publishing daily articles at The Daily Cougar and emailing a bi-weekly edition that includes the comprehensive news, similar to what is printed each week in the Cougar. A "Coronavirus" tab was added to to quickly link to the latest stories concerning the pandemic and the University of Houston. Additionally, the Cougar is always open to guest columns from students. Click here to sign up to receive the email editions of the Cougar.

Coog Radio

Coog Radio has released podcasts and blog entries discussing the latest impacts of the pandemic and other topics related to music. Using music as a way to relax, Coog Radio has assembled a playlist titled "Long Songs," which incorporates songs that will help the days move along quickly as the UH community studies, works remotely, and stays at home.


Weekly news and updates are featured on Coog TV's Facebook page. This includes information about everything from virtual cheerleader tryouts to tips related to adjusting to online classes, containing the Top 10 ways to cope with COVID-19. CoogTV has recently updated its library of movies available for free streaming, while on campus or with a VPN connection.

The Center for Student Media continues to support the Cougar, Coog Radio, and CoogTV. The staff is available for any questions related to getting involved with student organizations and student media publications. For more information, please visit the Center for Student Media website or email

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The Center for Student Media (CSM) provides support and coordination for the three major student media organizations on campus, which include The Cougar, Coog Radio, and the CoogTV. At CSM, students are engaged in journalism, publishing, promotion, marketing, advertising, media production, graphic design, radio broadcasting, and media management. CSM provides students with a real-world laboratory to test and hone important skills, such as critical thinking, planning, writing, and technical production skills.