Successful Beginning of Competition and Hosting for UH Forensics - University of Houston
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July 21, 2022

This past weekend, the UH Forensic Society began its tenth-year celebrations by hosting The 10th Annual UH/LSU Collegiate Speech/Debate Contest(s). Three of the nation’s Top 15 teams from 2011-2012 competed against each other and ten other colleges/universities during the last three days. Over 140+ students from institutions in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas competed in each of the 14 speech and debate events. At the end of the awards assembly, UH finished in second place.

Without question, UHFS was the most impressive university in the three debate events – with our students placing in the top three in each form of debate. The specific awards won by UH students were as follows:

  • Jacob Koshak (Jr) – 1st Place in Lincoln-Douglas Debate
  • Jacob Koshak (Jr) and Ryan Smith (Fr) – 2nd Place in National Parliamentary Debate
  • David Ghably (Jr) and Gregory Buchanan (Sr) – 3rd Place in National Parliamentary Debate
  • Corbin Bates (Fr) – 3rd Place in International Parliamentary Debate
  • Angela Kao (Sr) and Mark Solano (Jr) – Quarter-finalists in National Parliamentary Debate

UHFS members also won awards in individual events contests as follows:

  • Ryan Smith (Fr) – 2nd Place in After-Dinner Speaking
  • Corbin Bates (Fr) – 3rd Place in Impromptu Speaking, 3rd Place in Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Randall Townes (Sr) – Finalist in Persuasive Speaking

The team is now preparing to compete in the U.S. Air Force Academy National Tournament on September 27-30.