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CTFM currently hosts weekly seminars with both internal and external speakers during the fall and spring semesters. The CTFM seminars are open to everyone and those interested may subscribe to the CTFM email listerserv to receive notices about this and other center activities. For Fall 2019 the seminar will take place in the Engineering Building 1 room 102D unless noted otherwise.

Fall 2019 Schedule





August 30

John Lienhard

UH Mechanical Engineering

It all began with hydraulics

September 6

Guangzhao Zhou

UH Mechanical Engineering

Violent expansion of a rising Taylor bubble

September 27

Meng Li

UH Mechanical Engineering

Numerical Simulation of Wave-Turbulence Interaction for the Generation of Langmuir Circulations

October 11

Helge Gonnermamn

Department of Earth Science, Rice U

October 25

Gallery of Fluid Motion competition

November 15



Previous editions

Spring 2019 Schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title

February 1

Gemunu Gunaratne

UH Physics

Robust Modes in Hydrodynamic Flows

February 8

Nima Mirzaeian

UH Technology

Particle-laden exchange flows in ducts

February 15

Srinath Madasu


System of Systems (SOS) Hybrid Physics-based Data Driven Multi-Scale Modeling and Optimization

February 22

Vladimir Yushutin

UH Mathematics

Numerical simulation of lateral phase separation in cell membranes

March 1

Sai Prabhath Katchi

UH Mechanical Engineering

Computational Modelling of Soft Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication

March 8

Visualization day


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March 22

Bernhard Rappengluck

UH Earth and Atmospheric Science

The Planetary Boundary Layer and Urban Air Quality

April 5

Firat Testik

UTSA Civil and Environmental Engineering

Non-cohesive Sediment Gravity Currents

April 12

Nayoung Park

UH Chemical and Biomolecular

Rheology of model colloids with polymer-mediated attractions

April 17

 Sivaramakrishnan “Bala” Balachandar

University of Florida
Mechanical Engineering

Next Generation Euler-Lagrange Framework That Captures Fully-Resolved Physics

 April 25

Benedicte Cuenot


Large Eddy Simulation of turbulent reacting flows

April 26

Timothy Healy


Industrial Applications of a Filtered Two-Fluid Model for Gas-Solid Flows


Fall 2018 Schedule