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In our program from infancy to preschool, teachers work with each child as an individual. With age appropriate curriculum, early learning assessmentsand a staff of dedicated teachers we strive to ensure that the children get the positive learning experiences they need to grow up happy and confident. Each classroom creates a sense of safety, security and stimulation.

As the children grow and move through our program we follow a Continuity of Care model. Research has shown that providing children with a consistent caregiver allows them to develop a sense of security so that they can explore more freely the world around them. We use this model in determining the manner in which the children progress through the Center.

  • Guiding the Present: We challenge children at each age level through developmentally appropriate activities based on their unique abilities.
  • Inspiring the Future: We view activities in which a child engages in as an opportunity to teach. Our goal is to help children develop the intellectual and social skills needed to excel in a rapidly challenging world.
  • Building a Partnership: We are committed to working and communicating with parents. By creating a partnership we can give children exactly what they need to become successful learners.