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Fellowship Factors

Doctoral Student Tuition Fellowships

This fellowship is designed to encourage students to complete PhD degrees in a timely manner. It replaces the GATF (Graduate Assistant teaching Fellowship) and is to be used to provide fellowships covering the cost of in-state tuition (up to 9 credit hours per long semester, 6 credit hours in the summer), as described below, for qualified doctoral students.


  1. Recipients must have an undergraduate degree or its equivalent and be admitted to a UH graduate or professional program.
  2. Recipients must be enrolled full time (9 credit hours per long semester and six hours during the summer, the latter if approved by department) in a PhD program or, in certain college approved cases, a terminal degree program.
  3. Continuing students must have shown satisfactory progress in the degree program as defined by the department.
  4. Students who enter the doctoral program with a master’s degree may hold the fellowship for no more than four academic years.
  5. Doctoral degree-seeking students who enter the doctoral program directly from a baccalaureate program may hold the fellowship for no more than six academic years.
  6. Graduate students holding the fellowship must agree not to be employed (on or off-campus) for no more than 20 hours per week (50% FTE). Violation of this provision will result in withdrawal of funding during the semester in which the violation occurs.


The Graduate Admissions Committee will make such nominations based on the following:

  • Applicant’s academic record in previous undergraduate and/or graduate programs.
  • Applicant’s letters of recommendation and the qualifications of the letter writers.
  • Applicant’s demonstrated interest in obtaining a doctoral degree as evidenced by his/her statement of purpose.
  • Applicant’s preparation to succeed in the doctoral program, for instance, a relevant prior Master’s degree, a record of previous courses in applicant’s desired field of study, or relevant background in government or politics.
  • Applicant’s performance on exams such as the Graduate Record Exam and the TOEFL.