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Expenses and Financial Aid

    • Tuition and Fees:

      An installment payment program is available for students who are unable to meet the total cost of tuition and fees at the beginning of the semester. Details on the program will be made available at the time of initial billing. Additionally, short-term loans are available through the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Tuition, the student service fee, and the tuition designated fee are required of all students. The schedule of charges breaks down these expenses by semester hour. See “Graduate Costs and Financial Aid”

    • Teaching Assistantships:

      A teaching assistant is a student who is enrolled full time (a minimum of 9 semester hours of graduate credit) and who holds an appointment requiring the performance of such duties as classroom instruction, reading papers and examinations, supervision, research, or other administrative responsibilities. To be eligible for a teaching assistantship, students must have an undergraduate degree or its equivalent, must be admitted to a graduate program, and should be prepared to work fulltime toward the degree. Appointments to graduate assistantships are made by the college dean, based on department recommendations. Consult the Department of Political Science Graduate Advisor for more information.

    • Scholarships and Financial Aid:

      The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid provides assistance to students through a program of loans, grants, and employment. This office analyzes all aid applications and assures complete confidentiality to students who supply information. Students interested in financial aid should apply well in advance of the semester for which admission is desired. For most aid packages (with the exception of teaching assistantships) the deadline for application falls in March , prior to the year of planned enrollment.

  • For further information about financial aid, call or write the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Mailing Address

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
University of Houston
31 E Cullen Building
Houston,TX 77204-2010

Contact Information

Financial Aid Phone: (713) 743-1010 Option 3
Scholarships Phone: (713) 743-9051 Fax: (713)743-9098