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A Message from the Department of Economics: Iconic Economics Department Adviser Retires

Marion Foley, long-time undergraduate advisor for the Department of Economics, retired on August 31, 2018.  Tirelessly advising students for long hours, she was famous for her enthusiasm and sympathetic view towards solving students’ problems.

Marion was an icon at UH, and worked in the economics department for over 30 years.  She was an expert at finding solutions to student challenges, and there are many UH graduates that owe their final step in completing their degree plan to Marion's perseverance and imagination.  Marion received many kudos from "her students" at graduation and was a fixture at lining up the economics undergrads before they walked across the stage to receive their degrees.  While the economics faculty can claim some credit, it is also true that the number of economics graduates at UH more than doubled while Marion was the only undergraduate academic advisor!  She wishes all her advisees good studies and has one last emphatic statement for UH, “Go Coogs!!” 

The photos in this article were taken at her retirement party held in the Department of Economics on August 31, 2018.  At the event she was presented with a plaque commemorating her Lifetime Achievement Award.  The plaque reads: “Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Ms. Marion Foley for over 30 years of passionate support of her students and fellow advisors in the University of Houston Community, August 31, 2018.”

Marion Foley with Economics Department Staff & Faculty