New CPH Podcast: Public Historians at Work

The Center for Public History is excited to introduce the CPH podcast - Public Historians at Work!

As an extension of the CPH Lecture Series, the UH Center for Public History is venturing out into the podcasting platform. Our goal is to expand the public’s conception of what history is and where it has relevance.

In this podcast series, we will bring on "public historians” (broadly defined to include scholars, professionals, artists and community members) who engage with history in a public way - to explore what it means to work in public history and in the public humanities – the ins and outs, the rewards and opportunities of working in a public-facing way, leveraging history to bring context and change to our contemporary debates and questions. While podcasts themselves can be a form of public history, this podcast series is more reflective on where and how history speaks to our modern discussions. 

Each season will be devoted to a specific theme. In our first season, we interview public historians who engage in public-facing work, scholarship, and discussions on systemic racism in the United States.

For this season, each episode featured a guest who provided unique insight on the topic of race and social injustice:

Check out the podcast website for more information and to see new episodes: