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Computer Labs

CLASS Information Services provides support to a number of computer labs on campus. All aspects of computer lab support including printing, software updates, hardware updates, and security are maintained by us. If you would like to see a detailed list of the labs we support click on the button below.

Download detailed list of labs


Computer Labs by Department.

School or DepartmentLocation
African American Studies AH 631
Air Force ROTC GG 114
Anthropology - Graduate M 252
Anthropology - Undergraduate M 229B
Communication Science and Disorders - Graduate CRS 127
Communication Science and Disorders - Undergraduate CRS 125
Economics - Graduate M 208
Economics - Undergraduate M 222
Fine Arts - Interiors FA 312B
Fine Arts - Interiors -Graduate FA 324
Fine Arts - Graphics Design FA 302A
Fine Arts - Graphics Design FA 304B
Fine Arts - Graphics Design - Graduate FA 318
Fine Arts - Photo FA 200D
Fine Arts - Photo FA 200B
Fine Arts - Photo FA 200A
Fine Arts - VRL FA
History AH 525
Language & Culture Center Roy Cullen
Language Acquisition Center AH 310
Mexican American Studies AH 323
Music MSM
Philosophy AH 503
Political Science - Graduate PGH 391
Political Science - Undergraduate PGH 446
Psychology - Graduate H 122
Psychology - Statistics H 202
Psychology - Undergraduate H 125
Sociology PGH 492
Theatre AH 651
Women's Resource Center UC 279A