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The Council for Cultural Activities is a university-sponsored organization that promotes cultural awareness, diversity, and inclusion at the University of Houston by supporting cultural and diversity-related registered student organizations and events on campus.

Signature Events

  • Cultural Taste of Houston

    Our newest and first event of the year, Cultural Taste of Houston is a food festival that is part of Weeks of Welcome. We invite local cultural restaurants from all over the greater Houston area to campus, to showcase their most popular and tasty menu items. Because of our partnerships, attendees are able to experience the many flavors of Houston and enjoy a delicious and good-sized meal at a very low cost!

  • Cultural Explosion

    Cultural Explosion is one of our annual traditions where various student organizations get the opportunity to showcase their culture and promote diversity through a talent competition. Come enjoy this cultural talent competition and cheer for your favorite organization!

  • Cultural Marketplace

    Cultural Marketplace is a gigantic bake sale where registered student organizations come to serve our campus food from their culture. This student-led event provides student organizations the opportunity to connect with other University of Houston students to teach them more about their club while also serving tasty creations. Swing by the Butler Plaza on your way to class or the library to get a taste of the world!

  • Carnival of Cultures

    Ever wanted to visit Mount Fuji in Japan? Sydney Opera House in Australia? You may not be across the world, but you’ll get to learn more about it and see it at Carnival of Cultures. Come visit all the continents, participate in games, and learn more about the world we live in! There will be plenty of free food, t-shirts, and activities such as face-painting, bracelets, caricature artists to enjoy!

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