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General :

  • Be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at UH.
  • Maintain good attendance and punctuality.
  • Work minimum 15 hours /week, maximum 20 hours /week.
  • Must be available for any daily block schedule (for proctor and receptionist positions):              8:30am - 12pm, 12pm - 3pm, 3pm - 6pm, & 6 - 9:30pm.
  • Must be available to work every day from Monday to Saturday.
  • Take a math assessment after an interview (tutor position only). You must pass this test in order to work at CASA.
  • Apply to one location per semester. Cannot apply to both locations at a same semester.
  • Once got hired, employee must have to work the entire semester without voluntary resignation.
    • TUITION WAIVER: ONLY AVAILABLE AT CASA-GAR. Must be able to work 20 hrs per week in a tutor and/or a proctor position to qualify for in-state tuition waiver. Please check with your major department for any other requirements.
  • GRADUATE STUDENTS: Currently offers GA - Non Exempts Title.
  • Attend the Staff Mandatory Orientation before semester starts.

Receptionist : Handle front desk duties at CASA Tutoring Center.

  • Requirement(s): clearly speak English and be friendly.

Tutor : Assist student one-on-one basis with all levels of undergraduate mathematics in a kind and friendly manner, be expert in the level assigned, take weekly quizzes every Friday.

  • Requirement(s): depend on which level you would like to apply, a minimum skill of these math classes is required
    • Statistics Tutor (Green): Math 1330, Math 2311, Math 1313
    • Junior Tutor (Blue): Math 1310, Math 1330, and Math 1431
    • Senior Tutor (Orange): Blue Level + Math 1432, Math 2433, Math 3321 and above
      (Curriculum courses page)

Proctor : Assist in administering tests in the Testing Center as well as grading tests of freshman level math courses.

  • Requirement(s): a minimum skill of freshman level mathematics up to Math 1330.

Positions are availbale at:

  • CASA - GAR: Proctor, Tutor, and Receptionist.
  • CASA - CBB: Proctor.