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CASA offers tutoring for mathematics students, and proctored testing for students in all subject areas. The facility was originally designed by the Department of Mathematics for its exclusive use, and opened in the spring of 2004. Since that time, it has expanded to provide testing for students in all classes, and currently, over 21,000 student enrollments use CASA each semester for proctored testing.

Tutoring Center

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The CASA Tutoring Center offers tutoring to all students enrolled in undergraduate mathematics courses. It is located in room 222 – Garrison Gym. Students can seek one-on-one tutoring for help with homework and exams preparation for their math classes. Students can also use the workstation with more than 35 computers to access course materials, watch streaming lectures, or take their weekly online quizzes.

Academic Testing Center, Admission & Placement

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The Academic Testing center offers faculty the opportunity to have their proctored exams given outside of normal class hours, in one of its three testing locations .
In addition, UH offers testing services which provides a wide range of testing and evaluation services to UH students and the community. We strive to make each testing experience as successful as possible. Tests are administered by, including but not limited to Placement Exams, the DSST Program (formerly the DANTES Program), and the TSI Assessment (TSIA2). Testing Services is equipped for computerized and paper-and-pencil tests.

For specific information about the exams offered visit the Testing Services - Examination List  page.

Visiting CASA

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If you are a student and plan to visit CASA , please familiarize yourself with our rules and regulations. Students seeking employment should check the appropriate link to see if the job openings are available.
We hope you find our services helpful. Our aim has always been to help you.
Faculty can learn more about CASA’s testing services and schedule testing in CASA by contacting either Minh Nguyen or Samantha Stark.


Academic Testing Center

Tutoring Center: Cindy Nguyen
Testing Center: Tech Support

Admission & Placement Testing Services

Patrick N. Daniel, Director, Testing Services
(713) 743-5434,