About Undergraduate Scholars at UH

Contact Information
Office: 832-842-2100
Fax: 713-743-8998
Internet: UScholars.uh.edu
Director: Diana Velez, Ph.D., Princeton University

Undergraduate Scholars at UH is a branch of the university that serves as a resource center for undeclared students, pre-professional students, and students in transition as well as for those University of Houston staff and community organizations who support them. UScholars focuses specifically on helping students navigate through the Core Curriculum and in helping them to feel more a part of the University of Houston itself.

Through its Academic Advising offices as well as College Success Program, UScholars provides services such as tutoring in key Core Curriculum subject, a 24/7 computer lab, a student-mentor and designated advisor program, and the Core 1101 College Success seminar. In addition, in the area of pre-health advising UScholars also provides support to the university's Health Professions Admissions Committee and manages the Joint Admissions Medical Program (JAMP) at the University of Houston.

Undergraduate Scholars @ UH also developed and manages the Academic Advisor Certification Program, and acts as an academic resource center for faculty, academic advisors, and students, as well as the Houston community at large through outreach activities for the pre-collegiate school system, community colleges, and families.

For more information about the academic support services available through Undergraduate Scholars @ UH, please see the Academic Advising Center and College Success Program pages of this section.

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