College of Optometry Academic Information


The College of Optometry is fully accredited by the Council on Optometric Education of the American Optometric Association.

Pre-Optometry Professional Society (POPS)

University of Houston undergraduate students with an interest in optometry are encouraged to join the Pre-Optometry Professional Society (POPS). POPS members meet frequently and maintain a constant dialogue with the College of Optometry administration, students and Office of Student Affairs and Admissions.

Pre-Optometry Curriculum

The college welcomes inquiries concerning the selection of pre-optometric courses at other institutions and urges students to solicit this service through its Office of Student Affairs and Admissions. The University of Houston does not offer a degree in pre-optometry studies.

Admission Prerequisites

To be considered for admission to the College of Optometry, students must have completed a baccalaureate degree prior to matriculation. In addition to the degree, a minimum of 55 semester credit hours or the equivalent, must be completed in the following five subject areas. The minimum number in each is indicated. Courses at the University of Houston that fulfill these minimum requirements are listed under each subject heading and described in the section on prerequisite courses.

Biology Requirements (20 semester hours)
Introduction to Biological Sciences 8
Elementary Microbiology and Laboratory 4
Human Anatomy and Laboratory 4
Human Physiology and Laboratory (upper division) 4
Chemistry Requirements (15 semester hours)
Inorganic Chemistry and Laboratory 8
Organic Chemistry and Laboratory 4
General Biochemistry 3
Mathematics Requirements (six semester hours)
Elementary Functions 3
Calculus I 3
Physics Requirements (8 semester hours)
Introductory General Physics and Laboratory 8
Psychology Requirements (6 semester hours)
Introduction to Psychology 3
Statistics 3

Pre-optometry students are strongly encouraged to major in an area in which they have special interests, including disciplines within the humanities or social sciences. The pre-optometry curriculum can usually be adapted from a pre-medical, pre-dental, biology, or chemistry curriculum with minor changes. Prospective applicants should consult with advisors in their major field of study to determine degree requirements in that major or to determine entry into prerequisite courses. Elective courses that are especially relevant to optometry are listed near the end of this catalog section.

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