Geographical Information Science (GIS) Certificate

The certificate in Geographical Information Science (GIS) provides students with knowledge and experience to work in the field of GIS both in the public and private sectors. The combination of courses focuses on the acquisition, storing, visualization, modeling, and analysis of information on spatial phenomena with some emphasis on geospatial applications.

Students seeking this certificate must have an undergraduate degree and hold graduate or post-baccalaureate status at the University of Houston. With permission of the department chair, qualified undergraduates will be allowed to participate in the certificate program. Students must fulfill the prerequisite requirements for all courses required.

The GIS Certificate requires a total of 15 credit hours.
GIS Certificate Requirements
Requirements Hours

Geoscience: GEOL 4331 , 6325, 6326

Electives: GEOL 6389, CIVI 7897, or 3 hours of approved GIS courses from other departments 3

Individual Project: To be supervised by instructor in the area of specialty. This may be represented by a Senior Research project course for qualified undergraduate, or Special Problems research hours for graduate students.

Total 15

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