Phronesis Politics and Ethics Minor

Phronesis Politics and Ethics Minor

The Greek word phronesis means prudence or practical wisdom, the quality distinctive of good citizens and political leaders. As an interdisciplinary minor, housed in the Honors College, the focus will be on questions and issues that leaders and citizens confront in a self-governing political society. Drawing on the foundation provided by the year-long interdisciplinary "Human Situation" course required of all Honors freshmen, this minor will explore such core issues as the origins and grounds of political order; the scope and content of justice; the relation between the individual and the community; the place of family and gender; the relation between religion and politics; the demands and prospects of a free and self-governing society.

A student must complete 19 hours of approved course work, of which 15 of those hours must be advanced. At least 9 advanced hours must be taken in residence.

An average GPA of 3.0 on all courses in the minor is required.

No more than 6 hours of coursework in the minor may also count toward the major requirements.

All courses must be Honors sections or approved by the Honors program advisor. Non-honors students may participate in the minor with the approval of the program director and will graduate with Collegiate Honors by completing the minor. The 4000-level course must be an approved seminar with a substantial writing component (such as POLS 4344, 4346, 4394 or an approved Philosophy or Classical Studies equivalent).

Course Requirements:

  1. Complete the foundational courses:
    ENGL 2361
    :Western World Literature II and
    HON 2101: The Human Situation: Modernity;
  2. Complete 3 hours from:
    POLS 3349: American Political Thought, or
    POLS 3342: Liberalism and Its Critics, or
    POLS 3343: Democratic Theory;
  3. Complete 3 hours from:
    PHIL 3350: Ethics, or
    PHIL 3351: Contemporary Moral Issues, or
    PHIL 3355
    : Political Philosophy, or
    PHIL 3358: Classics in the History of Ethic, or
    PHIL 3375: Law, Society, and Morality;
  4. Complete two additional elective courses from approved list (below); and
  5. Complete the capstone: 4000-level seminar/


Approved Electives:

PHIL 3304: History of 17th Century Philosophy
PHIL 3305: History of 18th Century Philosophy
PHIL 3350: Ethics
PHIL 3351: Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL 3355: Political Philosophy
PHIL 3356: Feminist Philosophy
PHIL 3358: Classics in the HIstory of Ethics
PHIL 3375: Law, Society, and Morality
PHIL 3383: History of Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 3386: History of 19th Century Philosophy
PHIL 3387: History of American Philosophy
POLS 3310: Introduction to Political Theory
POLS 3340: Ancient/Medieval Political Though
POLS 3341: Political Thought from Machiavelli and the Renaissance
POLS 3342: Liberalism and Its Critics
POLS 3343: Democratic Theory
POLS 3349: American Political Thought

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