Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department

Edward Blair

Michael Ahearne, Edward Blair, Steve Brown, Keith Cox, Betsy Gelb, James D. Hess, Partha Krishnamurthy, Joel LeBon (Clinical), Herbert Lyon (Emeritus), Bette Ann Stead (Emeritus)

Associate Professors:
Rex Du, Vanessa Patrick, Niladri B. Syam

Assistant Professors:
Carl Herman (Clinical), Ye Hu, Kenneth Jones (Clinical), Jacqueline J. Kacen (Clinical), John R. Karonika (Clinical), Steven F. Koch (Clinical), Alan Lish (Clinical), Carlos Ortega (Clinical), William Sherrill (Clinical), Seshadri Tirunillai, Amy Vandaveer (Clinical), James R. Webb (Clinical)

Marketing and Entrepreneurship Requirements

Business majors must meet the business, nonbusiness, and elective requirements for a baccalaureate degree as well as the following for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree:


Courses in marketing (MARK) focus on various topics in the marketing of goods and services. Topics include how to conduct market research, how to understand buyer behavior, how to use customer databases, how to sell, how to manage selling operations, how to market in an international context, and how to formulate marketing strategies.

A marketing major is appropriate for students who plan careers in selling, sales management, retailing, or marketing staff functions such as advertising, market research, and general marketing management.

Marketing (24 semester hours)

  1. Complete MARK 3337. (Students with a Marketing major or minor who take MARK 3337 to meet the Business and Professional Communication requirement for the B.B.A. must take an additional three-hour Marketing course.)
  2. Complete MARK 3339.
  3. Select 12 semester hours of advanced marketing electives.
  4. Select 6 semester hours of approved advanced (3000- 4000-level) electives in business (these are in addition to 6 hours of advanced business electives required of all majors).


Marketing with a Certificate in Professional Selling

The Program for Excellence in Selling (PES) is the nation's leading selling program PES is a certificate program that accepts students of all majors, allowing students who are selected for the program to continue studying in their majors while also broadening their presentation and selling skills. PES teaches students how to effectively sell products, services, and, most importantly, themselves and their ideas.

Students are awarded Professional Selling certificates upon completion of a sequence of sales and sales management courses: MARK 3337MARK 4373MARK 4376MARK 4374, and MARK 4375. These courses may count toward degree requirements for Marketing majors, as advanced business electives for other majors within business, or toward a minor in sales.

Benefits of the program include a bi-annual sales career fair, job placement, and an alumni association. The sales career fair is planned, sold, and run by students in the program. Some of Houston's most prestigious companies attend this function to hire the best-trained sales professionals in the industry. In addition, positions are posted daily in the program office. The alumni association for PES grows every year, providing an ideal situation for sales students to network among themselves.

For further details on requirements, benefits, and admission to the program, consult the program Web site,, or call 713-743-4746.


Courses in entrepreneurship (ENTR) provide students with information regarding all aspects of entrepreneurship. Specific topics include revenue estimation, cost budgeting, capitalization and funding, and the development and implementation of the business plan.

The major career objectives are to have entrepreneur students capable of starting their own businesses, or going to work for an existing entrepreneur.

Of special importance to entrepreneur majors is the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship (WCE). The mission of the WCE is to organize and expand the knowledge and practice of entrepreneurship. WCE combines academic rigor with practical experience to provide the foundation needed to develop and manage business enterprises in a rapidly changing business environment. Utilizing the concept of team teaching, guest lecturers and intensive mentor programs, the center has formalized a "real-life, hands-on" learning approach that is changing the way America looks at entrepreneurship education.

Entrepreneurship (24 semester hours)
  1. Complete ENTR 33104320433043404350, and 4360.
  2. Select six semester hours of approved advanced electives in business.

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